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Pre-School Fees

Morning-only session 8.45-11.45am 3 hours £12.00
Morning-only session plus paid lunch* 8.45am-12.15pm 3.5 hours £14.00
All-day session including lunch (no extra cost)* 8.45am-2.45pm 6 hours £24.00
All-day session including lunch plus 30 minutes 'wrap-around care'* 8.45am-3.15pm 6.5 hours £26.00
Afternoon session plus paid lunch* 11.45am-3.15pm 3.5 hours £14.00
Afternoon-only session 12.15-3.15pm 3 hours £12.00

* please provide a packed lunch and drink in a clearly named lunch box 


In cases where a child attends less than a total of 15 / 30 hours per week, lunches and 'wrap-around care' can be taken as part of the funding entitlement.  

If you wish to exceed the 15 / 30 hours funding allocation, any paid sessions will be invoiced at £12.00 per 3 hour session, £24.00 per 6 hour session, or wrap-around care at £2.00.  The hourly rate is £4.00.

We accept 15 and 30 hours funding and this can be taken between 8.45am-3.15pm.  We also accept tax-free childcare vouchers.


For further information regarding funding, see: