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Uniform Information

We like children to wear school uniform as it gives them a sense of identity with the school whilst looking neat and tidy - and it helps parents too, as there is no argument on what to wear!  All clothing should be marked clearly with the child's name.


School Uniform


Sweatshirt or cardigan:Navy with school logo
Polo shirt:White with or without school logo (no shirts or blouses)
Trousers:Plain grey or black school trousers
Skirts/ pinafore dresses:Plain grey or navy, knee-length
Dresses:Blue and white, checked or striped
Shorts:Grey school shorts or navy cotton shorts
Socks/ tights:Plain white, grey, navy or black
Shoes or sandals:Black or dark-coloured, safe and well-fitting (no trainers, long boots or high heels)


Please also provide a painting apron or old shirt, and wellington boots for field trips.


For special occasions, especially concerts, we expect the children to be dressed as smartly as possible in school uniform.  


PE Kit

To be worn into school on class PE days

A PE bag is optional for when PE kit is brought into school


Navy with/without logo.

Shorts:Plain black or navy
Tracksuit (optional)Plain navy
FootwearDaps or trainers with non-marking soles (trainers are more suitable for KS2 children)

Boys - swimming trunks, not shorts

Girls - one piece swimsuit, not bikini





Hair:Mid-length hair must be kept back off the face.  Long- and shoulder length- hair should be tied back.  Colour and style should be appropriate for school. Non-natural colours, shaven patterns, Mohicans or similar styles are not acceptable.
Jewellery:Jewellery, tattoos, make-up and nail varnish are not permitted.
Pierced ears:One pair of flat studs may be worn.
Watches:A plain watch may be worn when, but must be removed by the child for PE lessons.


Uniform Provider

Uniform is provided through My Clothing Limited, who are the UK's largest provider of school wear.  Non-personalised uniform is available in addition to embroidered items.  You can buy uniform by accessing their website and searching on our postcode: SN3 4SH.  Then choose between 'Pre-school' or 'Primary school' uniform.